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Cedar Falls
United Church of Christ
9204 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, Iowa
We worship at 10:15 a.m. every Sunday.
We extend a hand of welcome to our web site!  We enjoy our accessible facilities and open our lives and building to the community in our faithfulness to God.

We have faithful servants of God help create more effective communication through technology. 
We strive to show extravagant welcome!  We welcome all who come to us wherever they are on life's journey.
We are a congregation who loves God and celebrates God's presence in our life!  We want to make a difference in our community by providing an accepting, loving environment for our visitors and members to grow in love, in doing justice, and walking humbly with our God.  We do not have all the answers.  We are open to struggle together for the answers we seek and living in peace with the questions we continue to wrestle with in our lives. 

We are An Open and Affirming Congregation

We are open to all people wherever we are on life's journey.  We affirm that we all are children of God.  We believe that God calls us to love God and one another.  We provide an environment where we can be honest and open about our doubts and struggles.  We act the same on Sunday as we do the rest of the week.  We believe that love is stronger than hate. We stand together with our brothers and sisters around the world of all faiths and backgrounds in this time of hate to offer love.  As Christians, we value each person and understand that our spiritual journey is strengthened when we engage in conversation and value our differences.
One of God's children in the care of a loving family.

surrounded by love and family

We celebrate baptism.  September 9, 2018 we baptised and welcomed Anna.

Halloween 2018
On October 26th we had a couple Halloween parties.  The older kids entertained the younger ones and then had a party of their own.  Fun for all.
Mom and daughter
We had wonderful people make food and the kids had fun.
Mummy Making
Celebrating Life Together
The youth enjoyed wearing costumes and playing games.  We raced to see who could "mummify" their partner first.

We share in worship every Sunday and during the week we hold each other in prayer.  In the different seasons we enjoy sharing fun times together.  Halloween.  Christmas.  Valentine.  Easter.  Movies.

Our Vision

When worship is over our service begins.

The people of the Cedar Falls United Church of Christ believe that God is still speaking and we are listening.  We don't have all the answers.  "I would rather have questions that go unanswered than answers that can't be questioned."  We are a Christian church and expect to know Christ better and better in community.  This church longs to serve its community and opens our doors to partner with others in use of our building.  We strive to create a safe place where all are welcomed wherever we are on life's journey.

The Cedar Falls United Church of Christ will be a sanctuary for persons that need a safe place to worship.

Sanctuary Equals A Safe Place
If you are searching for God and not sure what you believe,
you are safe here.
Whether you are a student or a senior citizen,
you will be safe here.
If you are struggling with addictions
you will be safe here.
Whether you are married or living together, single, divorced, or widowed,
you will be safe here.
If you bring your children, 
they will be safe here.  (Leaders have background checks)
Whether you are a couple, single parent, or grandparent
you will be safe here.
If you are grieving, 
you will be safe here.
Whether you are gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered or heterosexual ,
you will be safe here.
If you have been abused by someone, or even by a church, 
you will be safe here.
Whether you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, or independent,
​you will be safe here.
If you are hurting, lonely or scared,
you will be safe here.
Whether you are from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia or Antarctica;
you will be safe here.
If you are a sinner like us,
you will be safe here.
  1. Happenings
    Sundays Worship at 10:15 a.m. Choir Practice at 9:30 a.m. Sunday School for children and youth 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  2. Who's Who
    We are a small congregation with a big heart! We love to worship God. We love to share meals together. We respond to God's love for us with service!
  3. History
    We have been a church since 1860 (Congregational) in the Cedar Falls community. We have been through several buildings and currently have had this building and location since 1962.
Loving God through
Gospel brunches, sharing food,  dance, United Fellowship, movie nights, games
We provide experiences for people of all ages.  There are educational opportunities for our children and adults.  We have a nursery and an openness if parents want to keep their children in worship.  We are encouraging a young person who has a passion for dance to give her time and talent in worship through movement (liturgical dance).