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Cedar Falls
United Church of Christ
9204 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, Iowa

We are all children of God.

All our members are part of the team and ministries through this church.  

We baptize people from infancy on up in age.  When a child or infant is baptized, we confirm them when they are of the age to decide for him or her self.  Our confirmation program is designed for each of the participants with our pastor.  At this time, the church recognizes the youth as old enough to join the church.  If the person has been baptized and as an adult decides they would like to become a member, then the pastor and Council extends an invitation to that person and during worship we receive that person into our church family.
"The Voice" is our bi-weekly newsletter.  All are invited to send articles, pictures, or announcements to the church to be included in this communication.  It is e-mailed and for some folks we mail it.
We send cards to our members and friends.  We enjoy staying in touch with each other and sometimes it is nice to get actual mail.
We share our joys and our concerns most weeks during worship.  We have many blessings to celebrate and many concerns to share.
Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    Susan K. Weier
  2. Executive Director
    Prayer Welcomed
  3. Executive Director
    Colleen Kelly
  4. Executive Director
    Celeste Bembry
    Music Director
  5. Executive Director
    Greg Meyer
  6. Executive Director
    being the church
    Our team involves everyone. All hands are wanted and needed.
A Peace Frog
We are a people committed to peace.  We Fully Rely On God for that peace.  
Pray for peace
When we are at peace within, we can respond to the world peacefully.  We listen with love.
All Children of all ages
Lathon and Linda Jernigan
We celebrate and serve God together.  Join our team as we strive to make a difference in this community.
Lathon is our organist emeritus.  He played the church's organ for over 40 years.